Chairman's Message

TAG Group is a privately-owned group with independent companies operating in the services sector, playing leading role in their respective fields.

In response to the rapidly changing and continuously growing business environment, organizations must be in a constant state of transformation and evolution.

At TAG we have readily embraced this concept and are continually reviewing the way we do things by focusing on people, systems and processes.

Our overriding objective is to provide quality service and support. Our commitment to achieving this motivates considerable investment in product development and quality systems - the driving force behind the Group's constant pursuit of excellence.

To consistently achieve this, we need to do what we currently do but in a better, faster, more cost-effective way. We will work systematically to achieve continuous improvements by critically examining our methods, making changes where necessary, setting clear objectives, measuring progress and ultimately adding value.

It is essential that our deeds match both our aspirations and the expectations of others. We are judged by how we act and the sum of these judgments is our reputation. We believe we will continue to lead only if this is preserved. Upholding the Group's reputation of integrity and respect for people is the bond that can be maintained only by commitment from all our employees and partners.

We are committed by our basic beliefs to integrating economic, social and environmental considerations. These beliefs describe how we are expected to behave when conducting business and our staff are expected to act in accordance with their spirit. Paying attention to these beliefs and our ethics is critical to our success.

This web-site is a “snap-shot” of where we are today; we hope you will find it interesting and informative, and will visit it frequently to see how we are further evolving and developing to meet the challenges ahead.

Tariq Abdul Ghani

Chairman, TAG Group