• Business Process Out sourcing, Assistance with Capital Market Transactions, Implementation
    of accounting software and development of customized Chart of Accounts .
  • IT Security Planning, Deployment of Off-the-Shelf Software, Web Developing,
    Hardware Sales & Support, Network Planning & Implementation.

  • Recruitment & Selection, Third Party Contracting, Staff Secondment,
    Training & Development, Payroll management & Outsourcing .
  • Business Process Outsourcing, Financial Advisory & Management Consultancy Services and Business Assurance & Risk Management.
  • Physical Record Warehousing, Document Digitalization Solution, Fixed Assets verification and Management Solutions .

TAG Group strives to become a one-source solution provider to the multi-sector companies ! and continuously seek expansion into new and challenging business markets.


We have been in services sector since 1998 and are successfully engaged in providing reliable professional services, integrated through our Group Companies, to cater needs of our client's in corporate as well as other business segments.

We earnestly believe that our strength rests on four key columns; Our Dedicated Team, Wide Range of Integrated Services, Our Customer Focus Principles and Increasing Portfolio of Satisfied Client's. We also believe in continuously improving the range and quality of our services and hope that you will find the contents informative about who we are and what we do and sincerely welcome your comments or suggestions.

Our Team

Our team of experts comprises professionals from multifaceted proficient background and experience, who effectively deal with a versatile range of tasks to present practical solutions to best-fit client's needs .

Accountants (CAs, CPAs, ACCAs & CMAs)

Banking and Corporate Finance Experts

Project Management Professionals & MBAs

Legal Advisors & Income-tax Practitioners

Other Managerial & Professional Staff

IT Professionals & IS Auditors

Marketing & Sales Force Management Experts

Design Artists

Engineers & Safety Consultants


Our services are seamlessly integrated across the Group Companies and their divisions such that to provide our client's with a unique experience of service quality and satisfaction. No matter the vertical and horizontal integration and spread of our services, our seasoned front-end team of Client Service Managers takes care of all our client's needs that the Group offers within in wide range of services.